How does it work?

Noccela positioning technology is a combination of four rather basic matters that cleverly support each other to provide high profile indoor positioning data – in real-time.

  • Smart tag which is fastened to a desired product.

  • Receivers that analyze tag movements.

  • Application which turns the information into alerts and understandable graphics.

  • All this bound together with smart cloud-based software. 

The efficiency in both preventing theft and creating more sales comes through real-time knowledge and alarms happening in your mobile equipped with Noccela application. Smart tag acts immediately as the product is taken outside desired area (your store) or removed. Thanks to real-time data, the store personnel is able to perform immediate actions whether it is about someone trying to steal the product or someone just observing and maybe willing to hear more about it. 

We could say that products tagged with Noccela system never sleep. Real-time positioning system gives them sort of an awareness which can be easily programmed to serve your needs. 

Smart tag that acts in real-time

The tag knows its location with 0.5 meter accuracy and acts in real-time providing precise location information to your mobile. This makes Noccela-protected products almost impossible to steal with methods known today. How come?  

To prevent burglary and to catch shoplifters, we create so called exit zones. If tagged products are taken to restricted areas the alarms go off immediately in both the tag itself and all the mobiles equipped with Noccela. 

The alarm goes off in a split second also in if someone tries to: 

  • break the tag

  • cut the wire

  • take the product to a restricted zone similar to exit

  • hide the product with the tag into a foil-lined bag

When the alarm goes off, the security guard or the store personnel receive an alert on their mobile app stating: 

  • Where the shoplifting attempt is taking place

  • What is the technique used for attempted theft 

  • A time stamp when the attempt took place (useful for CCTV) 

Real-time product protection for your store? 

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For boosting sales

Together with product protection this new way of thinking gives you the opportunity to boost your sales like never before.

Let’s say that a customer picks up a Noccela-tagged product somewhere within your store. Immediate info is sent to your mobile allowing you to serve the customers more effectively and thereby to improve your customer experience, not forgetting the additional sales. 

Real-time information of the products’ movement within the store enable additional sales:

  • It is like a invisible sales assistant that gives store staff an opportunity to be more effective.

  • Noccela tag can be linked to the product it is protecting. This provides analytics on which paths the product has been moving around and how many times it has been brought into the fitting room or picked up from the shelf. 

  • Noccela reporting and analytics enable elements that are typical to e-commerce. By tracking the movements of the products, it is possible to measure marketing efforts or store fitting’s effectiveness. 

To increase sales 

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All in your mobile

Real-time product surveillance in your pocket. World’s best indoor positioning system supported by cloud-based technology is the next big game changer in the world of surveillance.

Unlike traditional product protection systems Noccela gives an alert right to your pocket in case of theft. Likewise for boosting your sales: Noccela points out potential customers in your store. Almost like an automatic phone call for customer service. 

Basically it means that the product surveillance and the key factor for increasing your sales is with you all the time. The real-time data is available for all personnel and the Noccela application is very easy to use. 

  • Doesn’t matter where you are, you will hear the alarm anyway

  • The store layout appears on the screen together with the path of the shoplifter prior to the attempt.

  • A red cross signals the point where the tag is being moved or removed.

  • The security guard or the sales associate who will stop the shoplifter reacts to the situation by clicking “react” so that all the colleagues are aware who is on their way. 

Want to hear more about this technology?

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Game changer analytics & product placement

Yes, like in webstores, now you can analyze the product data of your brick-and-mortar. Noccela technology lets you know the same things you would like to know as a webstore keeper.

Things like: how many times this product was “clicked”, was it taken to fitting room, was it already in the chart, did it make its way to the cash register? And what about the products on sale?  

Neither is the art of product placement as it used to be. First of all, with high performance real-time surveillance you may place products closer to exits as they otherwise would be safe somewhere close to sales counter. Second, now that you can track the exact movements of your products, you may use the analytics as an advantage and customize your store layout more efficiently.

For example, one of Noccela customers assumed the so called prime time for one of their products was between 16–19 pm. After analytics they noticed that the actual peak was between 13–15 pm which made a huge difference in their way of thinking and selling the product.

Or, now you can build a pop-up store with surveillance! With Noccela solution you don’t actually even need walls to protect your goods from getting stolen. Because the system is basically built in the air and everything is digital, now it is possible to create stores with invisible walls. We just determine an area and if protected products are taken across its boarders, well you know what happens. An alarm goes off. 

Powerful tool to increase sales

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Visible but invisible

We believe that when a new, extremely effective product protection system is brought into the store, the share of theft attempts decrease significantly and permanently. That is why the notifications telling about co-operation with Noccela work as a deterrence against shoplifters. 

And of course, the decrease of shrinkage and losses will follow making your business more profitable.

New way of thinking.

You are right, those old alarm gates make good stands for your campaigns and happy hours. However, what is visible in Noccelas’ system is essentially just the notification stickers around the space telling that it has been protected by Noccela. 

How does it work then? As a matter of fact, the beacons are of course visible, but thanks to modern design and reasonable size, they perfectly blend in to your store interior. Most common way to mount the beacons is to hang them from the roof. 


  • Visual cues are an incredible effective way to warding off potential shoplifters

  • Products protected with new high-tech solution makes them less likely to be stolen

The most effective retail surveillance system?

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Countless opportunities

We have been talking a lot about retail surveillance and product protection. However, that is not the only thing Noccela is capable of. 

Noccela has been congratulated for its open-minded approach towards indoor positioning systems and the creative way of thinking. Along with retail business the technology is very multidisciplinary making it capable to operate on almost anything happening indoors. All you need is an idea and a pinch of creativity.

Got an idea?

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Layout examples

Okay! Let’s take a step forward towards more profitable future! When setting up Noccela system, of course we need to consider every space as an individual. Underneath you will find few examples illustrating possible store layouts. Key issues to consider when building the Noccela surveillance is the amount of sensors and tags used. Large spaces need few sensors more than smaller places and the amount of tags obviously varies with the number of protected products. 

In case you worry about the size or shape of your store and the possibility to use Noccela – don’t worry. No matter what size or shape the space is, it is possible to protect with our real-time surveillance. Installation is either done by Noccela or the customer depending on things like the complexity of infrastructure, power transmission etc. 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The amount of sensors is relative to the size of the space. Stores quite similar to this are often protected with approximately four sensors. The number of tags is relative to number of protected products. Usually Noccela is used to protect the most valuable ones. 



500 m2


1500 € / month

Reduced shrinkage

5,5 months

Pays itself back in

As the guarded area gets larger a few more sensors are needed to cover the area. In larger cases the number of protected products is obviously a bit bigger as well. Another pair of observing eyes is extremely helpful especially during the most hectic times of the day. 



1500 m2


2000 € / month

Reduced shrinkage

6 months

Pays itself back in

Larger stores need a bit greater surveillance as the layouts get bigger and more complex. In large scale stores Noccela works perfectly as a partner for guards patrolling the store. 



3500 m2


3500 € / month

Reduced shrinkage

5,5 months

Pays itself back in

Everything you know about retail is old fashioned

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