Press release: €556,000 of funding for Noccela

Start-up obtains investment from the Netherlands
A Finnish invention to prevent shoplifting

‘Stealing is far too easy nowadays. The loss-prevention solutions currently used in shops are outdated and easily defeated. According to studies, only one in 48 thieves is caught’, says Riku Miettinen, who is in charge of customer relations at Noccela Oy.

The carefree days of the thief are soon to be numbered, however, as the Finnish start-up Noccela is about to revolutionize real-time product protection worldwide. Noccela’s indoor positioning-based loss prevention anti-theft alarms efficiently eliminate losses.

‘The demand and need for such a product seems to be high, even from a global point of view. We have been approached by a large number of potential clients and distribution partners. There is no other product on the market that works as efficiently as this one’, reveals company CEO Juuso Anteroinen.

Successful funding round

In September, Noccela raised €556,000 through a directed share issue. The goal of the share issue was to raise funds for product development and product launching, which will take place in early 2016.

Taking part in the directed share issue were Dutch angel investment company Finventure Capital B.V. and a private investor who had invested in the company at its seed phase. Other owners of the company are its founding members, Juuso Anteroinen, Tapani Talvitie, and Riku Miettinen, as well as the contract manufacturing company Mariachi Oy, which supports Noccela Oy as part of its Kasvattamo program. The company currently employs eight people, and is aiming for strong international growth.

Additional information:
Juuso Anteroinen, Noccela Oy
Phone: +358 45 1323 906