• 3 reasons to use indoor positioning in retail 15.6.2017

    According to one estimate, more than 80-90% of people’s time is spent indoors, which is quite a lot, right? The indoor positioning market is estimated to grow to $4.4 billion by 2019 with strong demand in retail as one.
    Why to use indoor positioning in retail, then?

    1. Increased engagement with customers
      Being there for your customer when they might need your help, not only enables wonderful customer service but also increases the potential for additional sales. When visiting e-stores we are used to seeing additional products on the side bar suggesting how we could style the item we are looking at ...
    2. Who shoplifts… in Finland? 26.4.2017

      When presenting our solution abroad, several foreigners have asked me amusingly “but there are no shoplifters in Finland…are there?” and I have always replied “yes, there is”. Curious mind wanted to look for some data and the actual profile of shoplifters, so here is what I found out.

      Most of the shoplifting occurs during the week, from Monday to Thursday, not on the weekends as one might think. The most popular time is in the afternoon when it’s busy in the store. It’s harder to spot the dishonest customers from the crowd and the security resources might not be properly allocated. ...

    3. Oh, what a month! 18.4.2017

      Last month team Noccela was on the road. First, Euroshop trade fair took place in Düsseldorf, March 5 – 9. With over 113,000 visitors and 2,368 exhibitors it was the largest Euroshop in its 50-year history. ”Finally something new in this field!” was a phrase we heard countless times and we can’t wait for the reactions next year. Even though the big show is only held every 3 years, Noccela can be spotted again already from 27 February to 1 March 2018 at EuroCIS, an annual event focusing on retail technology themes.

      Noccela’s second stop was at Retail Risk in London on March 23. Event with ...

    4. 5 technologies shaping our shopping experience 5.1.2017


      Internet of things is turning to Internet of everything. Retail demands attention to detail, whether it is about the customer flow, the best before -date on milk box or making sure that supermarket does not run out of disposable rain coats the day before a major music festival. Okay, I’m talking from the Finnish perspective here, not thinking about Coachella in the California heat. You get my point. IoT collect lots of data, big big data, and the retailers are doing their best to use it in a way that benefits us, and them.

      Augmented reality

      You see a gorgeous couch in ...

    5. Is the fear of thefts affecting your store layout and displays? 21.10.2016

      As the Christmas products are taking over the stores, I found myself thinking about layouts and seasonal displays. As a store manager or visual merchandiser, do you put nearest to the entrance the items you think will attract the most customers, and potentially have the highest value, or the products you do not care that much about (and customer either?) but they are a safe pick in case of shoplifters?

      It is a well-known fact that you need to change displays regularly in order to catch customers’ interest and give them a fresh experience every time they ...