Efficient real-time protection

Efficient real-time protection

Electronic Article Surveillance is still living the past. With over 2.4 million videos available on how to shoplift without getting caught, it is no surprise that with current technology only 1 out of 48 thieves gets caught.

It is one of the most relevant technologies in store, affecting many stakeholders such as brand, shopper experience and the store associates. We want to make sure nobody causes an embarrassing false alarm at the security gates. Unless being a shoplifter, of course.

It has been said that “Nothing will turn shoplifters away faster than the attentive, courteous service that every customer deserves.” We agree. This is why we think that the prevention needs to happen before the item leaves the store. Noccela helps store associates by letting them know real-time, when and where an attempt is taking place.

Leading the way means a lot to us. It is the core of our existence and the attitude of our team. We want to make sure that our solution provides the best teamwork experience to the sales associates and the security teams.



  • foil-lined bags
  • a wire being cut
  • violent removal of the pin
  • alarm breakdown
  • magnetic removers
  • zone violations


  • Accurate indoor positioning
  • Real-time surveillance in the whole store area
  • Compatible with old generation systems
  • Real-time information to different devices
  • Knows which product is being protected
  • Analytics


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