Data security and technical announcements

Data security and technical announcements

We are constantly monitoring our service status and our personnel is on-call 24/7 for fault situations. We do not publish the status of our service level or possible fault situations in real time in order to guarantee maximum security in all circumstances. Our alarms function also without the cloud server connection. Planned service breaks are rare and they always take place outside the opening hours of our customers. We notify the contact persons of our customers directly should there be any planned service breaks.


We use cookies only to the extent required by our service: to preserve a session, to increase security and for troubleshooting. We do not save private data into cookies. Our services are only using individual cookies not accessible by third parties.


Noccela applications always use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted connection between the browser and our servers. In addition, we comply with customized best practices and procedures to improve the security of log-in as well as the encryption of data communications.

Servers and the physical location of data

Our servers are located in Finland at trusted Finnish service providers. All data is physically duplicated between two different data centres. The best practices of the field are complied with in the server centre and in maintenance, such as ITIL, the ISO27001 standard, where applicable, and the PCI DSS standard of the credit card companies for information security.

Saving and protecting the data

We handle all saved data with utmost confidentiality. We are using the best encryption methods available to save the data. Our databases are protected against external connections. The critical servers do not have direct access to public network. The maintenance of the production environment is carried out by strictly limited personnel. All maintenance measures are documented and audited.

Data security auditing

We have agreed on a regular audit of our data security conducted by a third party.

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