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Noccela is a Finnish growth company specialised in the protection and security of the retail trade. Our mission is to significantly reduce losses incurred by shoplifting, estimated to be some 93 billion dollars per year globally.

The Noccela journey started in 2012. Riku was a store manager back then and he had seen an extensive change in the retail technology over the years.
Riku was looking for an answer to loss prevention from analytics, but realized that the real challenge was deeper down. One thing that had remained mainly unchanged during the transformation, he noticed, were the product tags.
A curious mind started wondering if the technology used for outdoor positioning could be used indoors, too. He met with a friend, Tapani, who had a broad knowledge of cloud technology and that day, the future of loss prevention technology was redefined.

CEO of Noccela

Juuso Anteroinen

CTO of Noccela

Tapani Talvitie

Customer relationships at Noccela

Riku Miettinen
Director, Customer Relationships

Sales Manager at Noccela

Toni Stenström
Sales Manager | +358 40 843 0694linkedin-footer

Marketing and communications manager at Noccela

Emma Peltonen
Marketing & Communications Manager | +358 44 333 1633

Customer service manager at Noccela

Ilona Valovirta
Customer Service Manager | +358 20 735 1180linkedin-footer

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